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Here is the problem:

  1. i must move some files from one host to another, ok i use scp for it.
  2. But i need use it without blocking console, so should use scp &. But my job will killed after disconnecting (a heard it`s something called hup signal) so i found some tricks for fixing this.
  3. But i wanna see progress bar after some time and all that tricks couldnt work because when i use jobs - it display jobs that only for these session.

So how to fix my problem ? P.S. Sorry for my English.

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I am not sure it is what you want but I'll suggest GNU Screen. It allows you to run a program so that when you log out, the program continues execution in the background. Later you can log back in and resume interaction with the program.

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Yeap that what I need. Thanks! –  kirugan Jan 25 '12 at 8:09

I guess you want ability to detach -and- attach terminal - The tool is called screen.

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