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i like to make my QStandardItemModel that populates items in qtreeview to append rows on top the allready defined items in the view . something like the twitter view , new items first. all i see in the QStandardItemModel is the appendRow/s that appends then to button. this is what im using now.

SWidget *widget = new SWidget;
            QStandardItem *newItem = new QStandardItem;
            newItem->setSizeHint( widget->size() );
            appendRow( newItem );
            view->setIndexWidget( newItem->index(), widget );
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void QStandardItemModel::insertRow ( int row, QStandardItem * item ) inserts a row at row containing item. So instead of calling appendRow(newItem); call insertRow(0, newItem);

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Thanks working great! –  user63898 Jan 25 '12 at 8:48

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