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My website use to login function of django.contrib.auth.views.login.

But, some pages has problems about getting user information.

I tried to request.user & request.user.is_authenticated(). then request.user = "admin"(ok) but, request.user.is_authenticated() = guest.. And, Staying logged in After close browser. what is problem?

Thank you.

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If some pages will not show {{ user }} but others will, you're most likely not using RequestContext in the views where the user isn't available.

You can use a function like django's render shortcut to automatically use RequestContext.

As for the user staying logged in after closing the browser - that's normal. Your user is identified by a cookie that sits on your browser and is persistent.

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Thank you. I changed to Response(RequestContext from Response(Context. –  user1161599 Jan 25 '12 at 14:04

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