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I have done changes in registry (proxy settings) via Windows programming code.

I have to restart (reopen) Internet Explorer each time I run the code to make those changes take effect.

Is there any API in Windows programming through which I can notify Internet Explorer or Windows that changes are made to the registry and there will not be any need to reopen Internet Explorer to make those changes take effect?


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Try this:

Change Internet Explorer 7 Proxy Setting without Restarting Internet Explorer http://www.codeproject.com/KB/IP/Change_IE7_Proxy_Setting.aspx

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Yes, with Shell apis (FAQ).
See on Win32 api group news://nntp.aioe.org/comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.win32

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Thanks Robert, Sigma.

I could do it successfully with API InternetSetOption.

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InternetSetOption(0, INTERNET_OPTION_SETTINGS_CHANGED, 0, 0); InternetSetOption(0, INTERNET_OPTION_REFRESH, 0, 0); –  Mayur M May 24 '09 at 12:22

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