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Python 2.6.7; Windows 7

Solving Deitel 'Simple Compiler' exercise in python. Repository at github. Writing a test suite.

module compiler.py
class SCompiler( object ) :
    RAMSIZE = 100
    # more static attributes

    def __init__( self ) :
        self.symbolTable = [ TableEntry( ) ] * SCompiler.RAMSIZE
        self.lineFlags[ -1 ] * SCompiler.RAMSIZE
        # more initializations

Stack trace.

File "testCompiler.py", line 45, in <module>
tool = compiler.SCompiler( )
File "absolutePath\compiler.py", line 37, in `__init__`
self.lineFlags[ -1 ] * SCompiler.RAMSIZE
AttributeError: 'SCompiler' object has no attribute 'lineFlags'

I'm not sure what there is to misspell here. File 'compiler.py' file compiles silently. TableEntry is another class in the file. Thanks for your advice.

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You get AttributeError, because it calls:


before knowing what lineFlag is.

But judging by the line below (from the file compiler.py in the repository that you linked):

self.smlData = [ 0 ] * SCompiler.RAMSIZE

I think that the author forgot an =, try to replace :

self.lineFlags[ -1 ] * SCompiler.RAMSIZE


self.lineFlags = [ -1 ] * SCompiler.RAMSIZE
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You have to initialize self.lineFlags before trying to treat it like an array.

self.lineFlags = []
self.lineFlags[-1] * SCompiler.RAMSIZE
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