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When I serialize date on one pc1 and deserialize it on another pc2 I get local date of pc2. What will I get when do the same with Calendar instance? Will situation will be same or not?

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Date represents a point in time (number of milliseconds from 1st of January 1970). Do not be confused by the time zone in Date.toString(), you are always serializing long value wrapped in a class.

Calendar on the other hand represents date and time in given time zone. This means that if the source computer is in GMT+1 and the target one in the GMT+2, but you are sending Calendar set to GMT-6, it will be GMT-6 all the way on both sides.

That being said it is much safer (and uses less bandwidth) to send Date and let every computer display it using local time zone.

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The Calendar class implements the Serializable, you can use serialization api to save it. However, I like the timestamp:

The currently set time for this calendar, expressed in milliseconds after January 1, 1970, 0:00:00 GMT.

We can deserialize timestamp by new Date(timestamp) simply, it will convert to local timezone automatically.

Calendar class also defines the setTime method:



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