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i'm trying to use iirf for what looks like asimple rewrite but it's not working.
what i need:
rewrite http://www.mydomain.com/ru to : http://www.mydomain.com?page=russian
the objective being that a get param would be sent but the user would see the first url on their browser's url bar.
i'm using the following code:

RewriteEngine ON
StatusUrl /iirfStatus

RewriteRule  http://www.mydomain.com/ru  http://www.mydomain.com?page=russian
  1. does this go (the iirf file) on the site's root or in a 'ru' subfolder (tried both)?
  2. what am i doing wrong or missing?

thanx and have a nice day :-)

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The following should work:

RewriteRule  ^/ru$  /?page=russian [I,L]

You should put this in the iirf.ini file in the web sites root folder.

Check http://www.mydomain.com/iirfStatus to see whether iirf was able to read your configuration file.

Also, you may use RewriteLogLevel with a value of 2 or 3 and RewriteLog to see whether the incoming url was rewritten, and how (or why not).

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thank you for a very helpful answer, problem solved :-) btw - domain.com/iirfStatus returns a page not found. where is the log file located? –  samoyed Jan 25 '12 at 21:13

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