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This is the url I need to access


and this is my Project ActiveResource model so far ... I can get projects and tickets based on every project and I want to get every time_entrie based on tickets

class Project < ActiveResource::Base
self.site = "https://xyz.unfuddle.com/api/v1"

def self.get_time
  Project.all.each do |project|
    project.get(:tickets).each do |ticket|
      #from here I want to get to time_entrie
      #after the last_edit 
      TimeEntry.addparams({project: project.id,ticket: ticket["id"]})

Is this possible with only one ActiveResource model or do I need to make somekind of association between Project and another ActiveResource Ticket ?

//although I haven't seen anything about associations on the rails api documentation.

//Edit I've added a new TimeEntry ActiveResource model that looks something like this

class TimeEntry < ActiveResource::Base
  def self.addparams(params)
    self.site = "http://xyz.unfuddle.com/api/v1/projects/#{params[:project]}/tickets/#{params[:ticket]}/"

Now if I run Project.get_time I get

ActiveResource::Redirection: Failed.  Response code = 302.  Response message = Found. => https://xyz.unfuddle.com/projects/38664/tickets/6336/time_entries
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What happen if you try self.site = "https://xyz.unfuddle.com/api/v1/projects/#{params[:project]}/tickets/#{params[:‌​ticket]}/" ? –  Gabor Garami Jan 25 '12 at 15:13
that's what I'm doing . –  lesce Jan 25 '12 at 15:18
sorry didn't saw the 's' :P .. it seems it fixed my problem –  lesce Jan 25 '12 at 15:57

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Ok so final answer I needed https instead of http and I needed to implement 2 ActiveResources like I specified in the question .

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