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I have table which contains 2 date fields. Like:

id      from             to
---     ----             --
1       2012-01-01       2012-01-05
2       2012-01-04       2012-01-10
3       2012-01-03       2012-01-07

I want to use a date (ex: 2012-01-06) to check if the date is between any of the dates(from, to) in the table.

For this case, I want to get id - 2,3. how can I do this?

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Are these columns of type date? –  shiplu.mokadd.im Jan 25 '12 at 9:58

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SELECT * FROM table WHERE "2012-01-06" BETWEEN `from` and `to`


SELECT * FROM table WHERE `from` <= "2012-01-06" AND "2012-01-06" <= `to`


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select id 
from myTable 
where `from` <= '2012-01-06' and `to` >= '2012-01-06'
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Actually I was trying this. but the field names were "from" and "to". I was not using tilde "`". so, this is was the problem. but thanks anyway. –  Imrul.H Jan 25 '12 at 9:57

Apply this condition if the column types are date.

WHERE '2012-01-06' BETWEEN `from` AND `to`
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select * from Table where `from` < '2012-01-06' and `to` > '2012-01-06'
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