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I've read on one site that I need to add two lines to httpd.conf file:

ServerSignature Off

ServerTokens Prod

But when I've added them nothing changed. As previously I can see in my browser

Apache/2.2.16 (Debian)

Maybe that's important: When I opened file (I mean before adding above lines) httpd.conf I saw it's empty. I use VPS.


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you didnt give enough information about os/distribution etc

but in ubuntu's apache installation apache2.conf looks like this:

Include httpd.conf
Include ports.conf
Include conf.d/
Include sites-enabled/

and in conf.d/security you can see

ServerTokens OS

just check your configs, somewhere it gets overwritten after you set it in your httpd.conf

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Yes, I found they overriden in security file. When I've changed them there - apache version and OS information dissappered. Thanks! –  Vitali Ponomar Jan 25 '12 at 10:33

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