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I've posted another question of how to 'manually' capture a double-tap by monitoring a timespan between touches on a TouchDown event, but it's quite buggy. Does anyone know of a standard Microsoft way/event of capturing double-tap on a multi-touch screen?

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did you try the timer implementation I posted? stackoverflow.com/a/9000217/303612 –  Dr. ABT Jan 25 '12 at 10:28
Yes I tried this. The problem was that I was opening a window on Double-Tap, but this window was being hidden. I sort of used your concept and incorporated a .Activate() method call and it's all sorted. thanks a lot mate. –  DeeMac Jan 25 '12 at 10:46

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I check the combination of the tap location and a stopwatch, and it works perfect!

private readonly Stopwatch _doubleTapStopwatch = new Stopwatch();
private Point _lastTapLocation;

public event EventHandler DoubleTouchDown;

protected virtual void OnDoubleTouchDown()
    if (DoubleTouchDown != null)
        DoubleTouchDown(this, EventArgs.Empty);

private bool IsDoubleTap(TouchEventArgs e)
    Point currentTapPosition = e.GetTouchPoint(this).Position;
    bool tapsAreCloseInDistance = currentTapPosition.GetDistanceTo(_lastTapLocation) < 40;
    _lastTapLocation = currentTapPosition;

    TimeSpan elapsed = _doubleTapStopwatch.Elapsed;
    bool tapsAreCloseInTime = (elapsed != TimeSpan.Zero && elapsed < TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.7));

    return tapsAreCloseInDistance && tapsAreCloseInTime;

private void OnPreviewTouchDown(object sender, TouchEventArgs e)
    if (IsDoubleTap(e))

It checks in the PreviewTouchDown whether or not it's an DoubleTap.

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I Couldn't find GetDistanceTo under System.Windows.Point, so I've used this –  itsho May 13 at 18:36

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