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Can someone help with a solution? I want horizontal scrollbar to pop up whenever I do nowrap and vice versa when I do wrap.

Currently I use these settings individually to ease my work; is there a way to merge both of them?

nnoremap <silent> <F3> :if &guioptions=~#'b'<Bar>set guioptions-=b<Bar>else<Bar>set guioptions+=b<Bar>endif<CR>
map <F2> :set nowrap! <CR> 
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Let us construct a single command for switching both options accordingly at once. First of all, it should toggle the wrap option anyway:

:set wrap!

Then, guioptions should be changed depending on whether wrapping is enabled at the moment of command's execution. If text is wrapped, the bottom scrollbar should be shown in preparation for wrap to be disabled:

:set guioptions+=b

Alternatively, if text wrapping is turned off, it should hide the bottom scrollbar:

:set guioptions-=b

In order to make one command out of the above three, we can use the expression mapping

:nnoremap <silent><expr> <f2> ':set wrap! go'.'-+'[&wrap]."=b\r"

which turns into the sequence of keystrokes

:set wrap! go+=bEnter

if the wrap option is set (and equals to one), or to

:set wrap! go-=bEnter

otherwise (when &wrap evaluates to zero).

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Thanks dude for the solution!! :) –  James bond Jan 31 '12 at 6:32
@Jamesbond: If it works for you, please, mark the answer as accepted. –  ib. May 24 '12 at 2:00
@ib. What would be the code using inoremap? Actually I use a function for it: function! Wrap() if &wrap set nowrap set guioptions+=b else set wrap set guioptions-=b endif endfunction and the mapping inoremap <silent> <F2> <ESC>:call Wrap()<CR>a –  Remonn Jul 28 at 13:27
@Remonn: For Insert mode, the mapping would be as follows. :inoremap <silent><expr> <f2> "\<C-O>:set wrap! go".'-+'[&wrap]."=b\r". It's more convenient to use Ctrl+O to leave Insert mode temporarily for one command (and return back immediately after its execution) than to manually exit to Normal mode with Esc and then reenter Insert mode afterwards with the i or a Normal-mode commands. Furthermore, the former approach leaves the cursor position in tact while the latter one might change it in some cases. –  ib. Sep 24 at 2:15

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