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I have dowloaded libsvm from
I unziped and copied the libsvm folder to c:..../documents/MATLAB folder. includedmex.h to all C files. Inside libsvm-> I have different folders. also in that Matlab folder I have files like libsvmread.c , libsvmwrite.c , makefile, make.m, svmtrain ,svmpredict etc...

how I can use these files in matlab? Can any one help me to create .mex files for these files. I read and tried many times is not working correctly for me. I need to do svmensemble creation in matlab.can anyone help me ASAP.

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Have a look at the README file:

Installation and Data Format

On Unix systems, type make' to build thesvm-train' and `svm-predict' programs. Run them without arguments to show the usages of them.

On other systems, consult Makefile' to build them (e.g., see 'Building Windows binaries' in this file) or use the pre-built binaries (Windows binaries are in the directorywindows').

For more information, tell us which operating system you are using.

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you need to do mex -setup to configure the compiler.After which, you run the make.m file in the matlab folder.. Please read the README file.. the details are there...

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