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I have created custom dnn module. Module is a separate assembly of course. In module project I have folder Images. And I have terrible issue to reference images with relative paths. I have tried

background: url(~/Images/image01.png)
background: url(~/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png)
background: url(~/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png)

and nothing works. Only way to make it to work is when I write something like:

background: url(../../DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png)

but this works on my production server but not in my local dnn instalation. Is there any proper way to reference images in this folder?

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Within your CSS file you have a few options.

Using a rooted path

background: url(/DesktopModules/MyModule/Images/MyImage.png);

this will work, but ONLY if not in a "child portal" or non-virtual directory setup.

The best option if you can do it is to make the URL's relative to the css file itself...

So, if your css is in /DesktopModules/MyModule you would then user

background: url(Images/MyImage.png); 

This should work in both situations.

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Reason: Server name is missing. On the local machine, the address looks like http://localhost/<servername> - for example mine is http://localhost/dnn6.

The reason it doesn't work on the local machine is because the browser is looking for the images at http://localhost/Images/image01.png or http://localhost/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png.

I prefer to insert my css and other scripts on the code behind. That way the server name is included and it works on both production and development server.

LiteralControl litScripts = new LiteralControl();
litScripts.Text +="<link href=\"" + this.TemplateSourceDirectory + 
"/CSS/Form.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" />";

On my production server, the url looks like

<link href="/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/CSS/Form.css"
rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

and on the development server, it is inserted as

<link href="/DNN6/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/CSS/Form.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Now edit the Form.css to look like this,

background: url(../Images/image01.png)
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The links you use in your top example would not typically work in a CSS file. The ~ is something special handled by ASP.NET that indicates The root of the application. Your CSS file will have no clue what that is, and will pass it on literally, which likely will break the links.

Instead of using a relative path, could you use a rooted path, which starts with the slash? What ever is correct for where the files are:

background: url(/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png)
background: url(/MyApplication/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png)
background: url(/MyApp/Subdir/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png)

Just be sure the URL starts with a leading / to signify "the root of the website"

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When I type 'background: url(/DesktopModules/MyCustomModule/Images/image01.png)' it works on production but not on local dnn :( – 1110 Jan 25 '12 at 10:57

css files doesn't know any thing about ~ character. The path should be relative to the location of those css files

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