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So I have an model, Photo, I want to duplicate the whole model including the mounted image.

old_photo = Photo.find(id)   
new_photo =

class Photo
  include Mongoid::Document
  mount_uploader :image, ImageUploader

But how can I duplicate the mounted image and all it's versions? i.e create an exact copy of the photo, not use the same. (since they can be changed later)

This question is similar: Duplicate an image on amazon s3 that was uploaded using carrierwave, fog and rails 3.1

He's asking about AWS::S3::S3Object.copy from the aws-s3 gem, can this be used to achieve this? if so, how?

I'm using fog for the connection to S3, can it be done with fog? If so, how?


new_photo =!(old_photo.image_url)

raise new_photo  
=> <#Photo _id: 4f1ff69566eaa70ed800001d, image: nil>
raise new_photo.image  

Any idea why image is nil on new_photo while I still can access it?

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