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How to setup the ideal collaboration repository setup?

I have the following setup on our develompent server:

- [site repo]

[dev envs]
- [env a] (checkout of site repo)
- [env b] (checkout of site repo)
- [env c]
- [env d]

How can I get env c and d to be the location of the branches for env a?

Using subversions + TortoiseSVN

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You probably need to read this chapter first: 4. Branching and Merging

Briefly, you'll need to create a branch from a trunk:

$ svn cp ^/repos/trunk ^/repos/branch/featureA

Then checkout it wherever you want as working copy:

$ svn co ^/repos/branch/featureA featureA

When work is finished reintegrate it back to the trunk:

trunk_working_copy $ svn merge --reintegrate ^/repos/branch/featureA .
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