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I need to set some default locale if provided locale does not exist. But i am not getting, how to check if a locale exist or not.

Suppose i pass locale:xyz, than how to check that locale xyz exist or not.

please suggest.

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What is xyz; is it a language code, country code or some other identifier for a locale?

You could call java.util.Locale.getAvailableLocales() to get the list of locales supported by the JVM that your program is running on, and do an appropriate comparison to find out if the locale that you're looking for is in that list.

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If not US locale it will set it

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You can also use the locale.getISO3Language(); method. If it throws a MissingResourceException, the locale is not available, otherwise all works fine.

    final Locale locale = new Locale("xx");
    try {
    } catch (final MissingResourceException ex) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("Not a valid locale.");
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