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Soooo we have this system here that's working as follows:

We have a Java WS that is exposed to the WWW, so our clients can access it from anywhere.

the Java WS is just a bridge to a .NET C# WS thats sits in our local intranet. The .NET C# WS is using a TcpChannel client to connect to a Windows Service that is listening on a TcpChannel so we could invoke it's methods from the .NET C# WS

Question is:

I'm looking into eliminating the need for the .NET C# WS - which means - I want to use Java RMI to invoke a remote method in the C# Windows Service

It is possible to do such a thing? I've been googling alot and found nothing yet.

Any help is appreciated!

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Let the windows service host some kind of server which enables RPC.

Some alternatives:

  • WCF ServiceHost
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Some analysis and suggestion

  • Java RMI only works between two Java virtual machines (JVMs). Its a protocol that only understood by the JVM.
  • So you cannot call a C# program using Java RMI.
  • As you mentioned that the Java WS is just a facade to .NET C# WS. -I am not sure why you need to facade a web service! Web service interfaces are platform/technology neutral and your clients should be able to access the .NET C# WS directly.

I assume you are using a standard web services protocol like SOAP.

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I need that facade since I can't expose the .NET C# WS to the wide internet... thanks for your answer – Shai Jan 25 '12 at 14:36

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