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Is there a proper way in Poco to abort a blocking I/O operation from another thread?

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Since the thread doing the I/O would be blocked, I don't see any direct way of going in there an cancelling it, besides being nasty and killing the thread explicitly. This is however not advised

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@AlexanderVassilev: Try Go. –  Matt Joiner Jun 15 '13 at 12:51

Yes, you can call Socket::shutdown(). What happens after that depends on your platform, when recv() returns Poco will throw appropriate exception.

But you do not have to do blocking I/O to start with, since there is Poco::Net::Socket::setBlocking(bool) to enable or disable blocking behavior. Or, even if you want to do blocking, you can still define timeout using Poco::Net::Socket::setSendTimeout() or Poco::NetSocket::setReceiveTimeout()

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