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I need a lightweight rules engine. We have around 50 rules right now, but the rules keep changing frequently.

We could use Drools, but I figure that would be overkill. Are there any lighter, F/OSS implementations?

I am aware of the other similar question, but that is 2 years old and does not have a good answer. (and I do not have enough rep to comment on that question)

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@DanD. Thanks for the links, although the 1st one is more than a year old (which is the one I mentioned in the question explanation itself). The 2nd link - JSONRules - seems promising, although seems to be limited to manipulating DOM objects, at first glance. Thanks for that though, had missed that earlier. –  Samudra Jan 30 '12 at 18:42

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There's also nools, give it a try.

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I've made a new node package called node-clips which allows you to integrate the popular CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System) rule engine into your node applications.


CLIPS is a productive development and delivery expert system tool which provides a complete environment for the construction of rule and/or object based expert systems. Created in 1985, CLIPS is now widely used throughout the government, industry, and academia.

Checkout the official CLIPS documentation for more information : http://clipsrules.sourceforge.net/

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I develop this one. Hope you found interesting to you needs.

From description:

Business Rules Engine is a kind of software developed to support environments where the rules changes in a regular base like risk evaluation, text analysis, data mining and others softwares designed to decision making.

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