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I tried with libvirt. Unfortunately libvrt does not support KVM completely, and I have been constantly getting error messages and warnings stating, that it does not support the platform. Is there an alternate package or method that someone can suggest

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  1. Virtualbricks, CLI : http://www.virtualbricks.eu/
  2. KVM-Admin, CLI : http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Kvmtools
  3. Ganeti, CLI : http://docs.ganeti.org/ganeti/current/html/

These three software are what you looking for : Python made and not based on libvirt.

I still using libvirt without any problem, so I maybe can help you with that.

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the following script written by russel bartini may be helpful to you. this is a python script for managing, backup and restoring the VM running on KVM.

Here is the link :virt-back.py

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