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I need to have an executable file (.exe) which takes some parameters from a file which can be configured by the user depending on his/her need. Since i have created scripts in python, i have used py2exe to create that executable. Though i could place a configurable file called settings.dat as data file and use it to customize, i feel it would be better if the configurable file is python file (lets say settings.py) and use it import the variables declared in it.

So settings.py shouldn't be included in library.zip and i would like it to be included as it is and make it configurable by user. Is this possible ?

Is there any way to avoid creating library.zip and just put all dependency files in a sub folder ? (In this case i can just put settings.py inside it, since settings.pyc is derived from it any changes made to settings.py will get reflected)

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Is there any way to avoid creating library.zip and just put all dependency files in a sub folder ?

Yes, set the skip_archive option to True.


EDIT: The pyc files are placed in the same folder where the zip file would have been. The zipfile keyword controls the path to the zip. This puts the files in subfolder foo:


    options={"py2exe": {"skip_archive": True}})
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Hi Janne Karila, yes i can use skip_archive, but am unable to put the files in a subfolder, it just copies all the files to the folder where the required executable exits, but i dont want this to happen. I need the dependencies in a seperate sub folder. Is there any way or workaround ? –  Krishna Balan Jan 26 '12 at 10:16
@krishnabalan Yes, see edit. –  Janne Karila Jan 27 '12 at 8:18
Hi Janne Karila, thanks ! It works !!. I have also enabled 'bundle_files' before so it gave me permission denied error. Now it works as i expected. :-) –  Krishna Balan Jan 27 '12 at 8:43

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