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I have a page in which background image is not printing by print command. If I set "File->print setup->Print background" then it print the image on paper in mozilla. How Can we print the page on printer. I've already set the media as print.

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By default many browsers does not print background images and colours.

To make WebKit browsers (Safari, Google Chrome) print the background image or colour you should add the following CSS style to the element:

-webkit-print-color-adjust: exact;
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I have found the answer !

You take an image (images will be printed)

then you calulate the width of the image example (50px) then you take the div size of the div you want to add a background to example 400px

now you know you need 8 images next to each other 8x50 is 400

Then you do the same.

So basicly you post alot of images

It sounds hard but there is an example at this question repeat img like it is a background

if you use 1 img like a color you can set it in your css with:

 #divnam img

I hope this will help cause it took me forever to find a solution !

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