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pytables doesn't natively support python dictionaries. The way I've approached it is to make a data structure of the form:

tables_dict = {
'key'         : tables.StringCol(itemsize=40),
'value'       : tables.Int32Col(),

(note that I ensure that the keys are <40 characters long) and then create a table using this structure:

file_handle.createTable('/', 'dictionary', tables_dict)

and then populate it with:


and retrieve data with:


This works ok, but reading the dictionary back in is extremely slow. I think the problem is that the read() function is causing the entire dictionary to be loaded into memory, which shouldn't really be necessary. Is there a better way to do this?

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You can ask PyTables to search inside the table, and also create an index on the key column to speed that up.

To create an index:


To query the values where key equals the variable search_key:

[row['value'] for row in table.where('key == search_key')]

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