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I am currently developing an app which will be on Android Market and Appstore (iOS). How can I add AdMob ads in my Cocos2x-project ? (there is indeed a Google AdMob Objective C SDK and a Java SDK but no C++ SDK)

Is it required to include some AdMob Java or Objective C classes in my project ? If yes:

  • how to proceed to mix Java or Objective C code with C++ code ?
  • which classes is it better to include (Java or Objective C) ?

If no, how to proceed to include AdMob in my Cocos2d-X project ?

Thanks !!!

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This is very similar to your previous question, which I voted to close because you don't ask for help with a specific problem but want us to provide you with a complete solution. This is a little better, but still very broad. – Joachim Pileborg Jan 25 '12 at 12:32
@JoachimPileborg dude this is not broad at all -> Admob/cocos2d-x integration lol. I have exactly the same problem. if you are a real pro please help people instead of making fun of it. – OMGPOP May 23 '12 at 5:46

I think you need to integrate Admob individually in them. I am also doing same for my project. I kept all my basic stuff common initially. And finally inetgerate ad in them individually.

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I believe that you need to do them seperately for each platform.

Here might helps you with it:

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