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I just switched from Visual Studio 2010 to Eclipse (Ubuntu).

I have a global initialized structure like this CvCapture *capture.

How can I get values of capture members in debug window? capture even is not shown in Variables window. I have added watch expression, but I don't get members values of capture.

Edited: Screenshot http://tinypic.com/r/10s6x3q/5 . Plus I can't Add Global Variable in Variables window. It's inactive.

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struct CvCapture* is an opaque handle (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opaque_pointer) : users are not supposed to see what is inside.
Its content is declared only in the library code, you cannot find it in any exported include like highgui.h (where it is only forward-declared), and neither does Eclipse.

What you can do :
Recompile the highgui library in debug-mode, link your program with it, launch a debugging session and enter one of the library's functions such as cvGetCaptureProperty(). Once there gdb will be able to see the content of struct CvCapture (defined in _highgui.h) and Eclipse will show it to you.

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