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i am new with apple dylan and I can't find in the net what is the syntax of Arrays and Dylan.I'll be glad, if you give me some examples too. Thank you very much for your attention!

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It's defined in the Dylan Reference Manual (Expressions): #[1, 2, 3] for a literal vector (in Dylan, the class <vector> is a one-dimensional array).

The literal syntax is only valid if there are literal values inside, otherwise:

 let foo = 20;
 let arr = vector(foo, foo, foo);


 let arr = make(<vector>, size: 10, fill: 200);

Access for a specific element is done with the generic function element, which has some syntactic sugar:

 let 1st-element = arr[0]; // equivalent to let 1st-element = element(arr, 0)
 arr[1] := 10; //equivalent to element-setter(10, arr, 1)
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