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I'd like to map a new route after I commit a new object to db. So for example if i enter object with name "Test" I would like to have a new route immediately, to resolve "Test.aspx".

I tried

System.Web.Routing.RouteTable.Routes.MapRoute(obj.NameUrl, obj.NameUrl + extension, new { controller = "per", action = "Index", name = obj.NameUrl });

in controller but it does not work (no error, just probably not right time in life cycle?). Same code works in Application_Start()

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You should avoid registering routes dynamically. The following static route in your Application_Start should be able to handle your scenario of having dynamic route parameters:

    new { controller = "per", action = "index" },
    new { name = @"[a-z0-9]+" }

and if the extension has to be dynamic as well:

    new { controller = "per", action = "index" },
    new { name = @"[a-z0-9]+", extension = @"[a-z]{3,4}" }

and then you could have the Index action to handle requests to this route:

public class PerController: Controller
    public ActionResult Index(string name, string extension) 

and if you want to generate a link to this action:

@Html.RouteLink("go to foo", "page", new { name = "foo", extension = "aspx" })
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why should i avoid registering routes dynamically, can it not be done? – Spikolynn Jan 26 '12 at 8:53
@Spikolynn, you should avoid it because that's not how the routing system was intended to be used. – Darin Dimitrov Jan 26 '12 at 8:55
If it was not intended it should not be possible, but I'll accept your answer and solve problems this particular solution causes with wildcard matching. Thanks! – Spikolynn Jan 26 '12 at 9:17

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