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I'm trying to start a weblogic server using ant exec command,after the operation triggers the exec process creates a child process, i wish to kill the parent process and keep alive the child process.

My code below

<project name="startserver" default="start" basedir=".">
        <target name="start">
            <exec dir="C:\bea\user_projects\domains\devtest" 
                     <arg value="/c"/>
                 <arg value="startWebLogic.cmd"/>

this code starts server and my application is also up, problem is that ant script is still running & moreover it doesn't exit as shown below

enter image description here

how can i exit from the exec and kill the parent process, as a workaround i tried using


attribute of exec task, but it kills both parent and child process, how can i achieve this so that ANT exits and also server keeps running in the background.

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Try the spawn="true" attribute of the exec task. It should do what you are looking for. But beware of the implications for input/output handling (see link).

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i could not achieve even after using spawn="true" – srk Jan 25 '12 at 15:18

When you set spawn="true" for exec tag, the child process runs in the the background even if current process ends execution. In your case instead of cmd, use startweblogic.cmd directly as exec command.

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