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I have CartItem model that has a belongs_to relation with Product

def CartItem
  belongs_to :product, :select => "*, get_product_price_for_shop(#{self.shop_id}) as shop_price"

As you can see above I have postgresql function that calculates price for specific shop and I want to use it in select clause of products so I can refer to it like this:


I'm looking for a way to pass shop_id attribute from CartItem to belongs_to :select key.

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A quick thought : did you try a proc ?

def CartItem
  belongs_to :product, :select => proc { "*, get_product_price_for_shop(#{self.shop_id}) as shop_price" }
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it didn't work - I'm getting an error TypeError: Cannot visit Proc – Adrian Serafin Jan 26 '12 at 7:48

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