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I would like to do bidirectional Model2Model transformations. Both models are EMF / eCore based. Actually I would prefer that one model is an editable view on the other.

What are my options? Which tools and tranformation languages are avaiable and what are their restrictions?

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I've got an anwer from Ed Willink at eclipse.modeling.m2m: I think that you're in trouble. You need QVTr or QVTc for which currently there is only editor support from Eclipse projects. I know of no QVTc execution implementation. QVTr execution is available with ModelMorf or Medini QVT –  Stefan K. Feb 1 '12 at 18:48

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M2M are the hardest. Industries strength tools are rare, lots of academia stuff. If you're dead set on a M2M language, look into ATL which should also support ecore. Otherwise you can look at Xtend, which was made for model to text but you can abuse it and it should be more comftable than plain java. If your into research look at Scala based transformations here


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There are more transformation tools than you can imagine for EMF, its kind of crazy...

For metamodel to metamodel transformation where the models are not very similar:

If the metamodels are very similar and you only need to tweak some things then there are tools targeted that type of migration/updating:

  • ATL now has a refining mode
  • Epsilon has Flock
  • Edapt looks very interesting as well because it does the metamodel/model changes together. It lets you work on a tree view and comes with a set prebuilt set of rules.
  • Henshin which lets you operate on a diagram view of the model
  • EMF Refactor is a more code-level approach, that can also use Henshin rules somehow.

You can always directly manipulate the metamodel and model using the EMF Java APIs as well.

I'll add, if you are doing any real EMF work you will need to get and read EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework. It's available in Safari also. I highly recommend Safari, for $20 a month you get almost every development ebook you could ever use.

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