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I'm working on gauge graph. I'm using CGAffineTransformation for rotating the arrow. It accepts value in radians. There I want to use different value. Like 180 is max so i want to assign it some value say 1000. n if i pass value say 700 to CGAffineTransformation, the arrow should rotate till 700. Please suggest. Thank you.

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You mean modulo operation ?
Try using fmod() (don't forget to #import <tgmath.h>)

  float val = fmod(700, 180); // val would be '160'
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I didn't understand what do you want... Do you want 1000 to be the maximal rotation and 700 to be like 70% of the maximal rotation? Is that it?

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Yes. How can we do that? –  sameet Jan 27 '12 at 9:33
It is mathematics, give 2*pi*rotation/1000 as parameter to CGAffineTransformation. The varialbe rotation is the amount of rotation related to 1000. So 500 would rotate 180°, 250 90° and so on. –  Aqua Feb 3 '12 at 11:03

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