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I have some logic that test if an object is nil or not, how can I set it to nil?


// in some method
if (true){
 [self myObj] = [[myObj alloc]init];
} else{
 [self myObject] = nil; //??? How to do this with Automatic Ref. Counting

// elsewhere
if([self myObj]){

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Your code is wrong. Try:

[self setMyObject:nil];

Also, make sure that myObject is a property in your class, otherwise using self won't work.

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Your code is incorrect.

You need to use properties and assign values to them, like [self setMyObject:nil]; or [self setMyObj:[[myObj alloc] init]];.

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[self myObj] is not assignable, as it is not a lvalue. To fix this, either reference the underlying variable, e.g. self->myObj, or use [self setMyObj:] if you are using properties.

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You are using a getter as a setter. That isn't going to work. It should be

[self setMyObj:[myObj alloc]init]]; 


[self setMyObj:nil];

Assuming you have implemented the setters. Under ARC you don't really need to if you are just accessing an ivar - you can access it directly and the reference counting will be done for you:

myObj = [MyObj alloc] init];


myObj = nil;

Will set and remove everything for you.

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