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I want to call a javascript function from a table row cell. I need to pass the id of that row as well.

In one cell i use an href (which does popup my edit dialog), but does not pass the Id (BrId) the next one ,,,well ideally a button which invokes a javascript function (though I've seen code/functions which associates a click event function within $(document).ready(function() {.....etc} but unsure if this will pick up the required Id (BrId) which is a pk to a dbase table

code is:

foreach ($myrows as $row) {               
       echo "<tr>"; 

         echo '<td style="border:none;">' .$row->BrId. '</td>'; 
         echo '......'
         echo '......'
         echo '<td style="border:none;"><a href="#dialog" name="modal">Edit this branch </td>';
         echo '<td style="border:none;"><button onclick="EditBranch (1)"></td>';

Ideally the function would also show my popup div ( id= dialog ) as the "a href="#dialog" name="modal" does.

if this helps, heres a section of the script

$(document).ready(function() {

     //select all the a tags with name equal to modal
     $('a[name=modal]').click(function(e) {

     //Cancel the link behavior

     //Get the A tag 
     var id = $(this).attr('href');  //gets me my div id

    //other code for transition effects and positioning of my div....

TIA Neal

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You can pass the row id through a custom html data attribute :

echo '<a href="#dialog" name="modal" data-id="' . $row->BrId . '"> Edit this branch </a>';

Then, you simply retrieve it like that :

var id = $(this).attr('data-id');
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