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I am working with OpenCV. Right now I am preparing some algorithm that automatically retrieves the cells' contours of one histological image and is supposed to cut them, making groups of two contours, from left to right!

Summing up the idea is to cut every cell,composed by two parts(big and little ones). Someone would have any idea of how could this be done??

The image looks like: from left to right I have all the cells and I have to group each one's part,(two), and then cutting.

I can not do it with hierarchy, as in the binary image all the contours are over the same hierarchy. And opencv does not give me the contours in order, like first to last one from left to right. I also tried to do it without contours, just reflecting over the x-axis all the pixels values and then making a convolution, but it is not valid for all kinds of images.

Any Idea would be helpful! Thanks


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Can you add few more details? An example with image with your input image is appreciated. – Abid Rahman K Jan 25 '12 at 15:40
I can try to explain it, but I can not upload an image, the program does not let me. Imagine one picture of the cell, which has to separated parts, (imagine two circles, one bigger than the other) one close to the other. This would be a unit. My image is formed by several of these pairs, so in my image I have several pictures of the cell, from left to right you will find, one big circle and another little besides, one big and one little... and so on. My task is to divide it in UNITS, my program will give me several images where I will find one big circle and another little one. THankS, – Ivánovick Jan 26 '12 at 21:35

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