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I'm using jquery validation, however a few particular field values can be copied from other fields, example select menu option injections from a text field as well as math formulas populating text fields. The issue I'm having is when my js method populates a field, it still shows up as having a validation error. If I click in the field to give it focus, the validation error goes away.

Is there a way to remove the validation error after my js method has populated the field?

Code sample using trigger

        $("#rowInjector_1").tapestryFormInjector("trigger").live(Tapestry.AJAXFORMLOOP_ROW_ADDED, function(){
            var injectedRow = $(this).prev().attr("id");

            //adds new funding values to newly created row. 
            $("#" + injectedRow + " .orgKey").val(newOrgKey).trigger('change');
            $("#" + injectedRow + " .category").val(newBudgetCategory).trigger('change');
            $("#" + injectedRow + " .percentage").val(newPercentage).trigger('change');
            $("#" + injectedRow + " .amount").val(newTotal).trigger('change');
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Which plugin are you using? There's probably a function there that allows you to trigger form validation manually. – ori Jan 25 '12 at 15:12
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Try triggering a change event on the input you're copying the value into. Assigning a value to an input/select/textarea using .val() doesn't trigger them automatically. jQuery validation will re-fire once a change event occurs.

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I tried your suggestion with no results. I'm attaching code sample above. – Code Junkie Jan 25 '12 at 15:46

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