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Here is my log4j.properties file

# Set loggers' levels
log4j.rootLogger=warn, trace_file

# Appender

# PatternLayout
log4j.appender.trace_file.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%p] (%F:%L) %m%n

# Classes
log4j.logger.my_package=info, trace_file

What I want :

  • Store log requests from my.package in trace_file with at least INFO level
  • Store log requests from all other loggers in trace_file ONLY if it's at least WARN level

My configuration does'nt work. If my.package raises a log request of level WARN, this log request gets written two times. If I use two separate appenders, there is no problem.

What am I missing ?

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Try removing the "trace_file" directive from the my_package logger statement.

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log4j.logger.my_package=info, trace_file



Appenders are inherited from the parent logger by default, so by specifying trace_file for both root logger and the my_package, you're telling it to do it twice.

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I agree with Gevorg. It may be an additivity issue.

Those who are using log4j.properties file :

Add log4j.additivity.com.example.package=false .(replace org.hibernate with whatever package you need)

Those who are using log4j.xml based config :

<logger name="com.example.package" additivity="false">
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Prevent appender-additivity through:


See http://logging.apache.org/log4j/1.2/manual.html, section "Appenders and Layouts"..


Appender Additivity The output of a log statement of logger C will go to all the appenders in C and its ancestors. This is the meaning of the term "appender additivity".

However, if an ancestor of logger C, say P, has the additivity flag set to false, then C's output will be directed to all the appenders in C and its ancestors upto and including P but not the appenders in any of the ancestors of P.

Loggers have their additivity flag set to true by default.

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You are missing the role of the rootLogger.

A warning from my_package with be caught by trace_file via the root logguer log4j.rootLogger=warn, trace_file, and then by the same appender via the log4j.logger.my_package=info, trace_file

I suppose that when you created a second appender, you didn't specify it to the rootLogger, did you?

Alternatively, you can change only the level inherited from root and keep the same appender

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This looks like an additivity issue.

I'm not familiar with the property file configuration, but there should be an additivity flag option when you define a logger. Setting that to false should solve the issue. Also, by using the xml configuration instead you might leverage log4j's Filter option that is not available in the property file.

It should be something like this: log4j.logger.my_package.additivity = false

Finally, take a look at logback if you never heard about it before

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