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I have a simple ISV page (using 2007 service endpoints, 4.0 SDK) that only shows the Identity of a user who has opened it.


This page in CRM 4.0 shows a valid user DOMAIN\USERNAME

When this page is deployed to CRM 2011 it only shows NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE

The CRM 2011 has a Claims Based authentication configured together with IFD. There is a STS server and Credentials. All connections seem work fine. The page is accessed via: https://servername.domain.com/organization/main.aspx and in an intranet environment.

It just looks that the page can not pickup the identity of a user who has opened it.

Have you experienced this before? Is there something not configured correctly?

Thank you for your help.

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To be sure what user is logged on you can use WhoAmI message. In that way you are able retrieve full information about the user.
Also ASP.Net provide a way to retrieve currently logged in user HttpContext.User Property. But it could contains different values, depending on Authentication Type. In case of IFD with claims-based authentication, HttpContext.User will contains id of SystemUser entity.

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