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Is there a way to use Firefox and Firebug but pretend it is iPhone's Safari by faking the User Agent string? I want to use Firefox to examine the Amazon or Gmail sites and see how the page is laid out for iPhone... just for fun and for experiment. Is there a way? thanks?

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You can fake the user agent string using the instructions great_llama provided, but remember that Firefox is not Safari and it probably won't lay out the page identically. If you're on a Windows or OS X machine you can use Safari to see how it will look with a higher degree of accuracy.

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In Safari, turn on the "Developer" menu in the Options - one of the submenus lets you choose your user agent, and includes both iPhone and iPod Touch. –  GalacticCowboy May 23 '09 at 0:35
Oh, and you might be able to use Firebug Lite in Safari - don't know, because I've never tried it, but it's basically a JS file that gets injected into the page. –  GalacticCowboy May 23 '09 at 0:36

Here are some instructions on how to do it.

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Go to the emulator and you can run your dev version. You can then use firebug on the emulator frame

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