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hi I am a little confused over celeryd and celeryd_multi - what is the difference between this two? I mean, so far I have been using python celeryd, but i came across celeryd_multi today and couldn't find any explanation. According to the docs, -c indicates Number of child processes processing the queue, so if thats the case, whats celeryd_multi's usage?

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celeryd command launches single celery worker. celeryd_multi command manages multiple celery workers. With celeryd_multi you can start/stop/restart multiple celery workers.

celeryd_multi can be used to manage multiple celeryd workers listening to different queues:

$ celeryd-multi start image video data -c 3

This command is equivalent to:

$ celeryd -n image.myhost -c 3
$ celeryd -n video.myhost -c 3
$ celeryd -n data.myhost -c 3
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