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I'm trying to create an ejabberd module which uses mongodb-erlang as the driver.

I'm doing this as follows:

  1. ejabberd starts my module, which starts a child process with gen_server
  2. I start mongodb application and setup a replset pool

    Replset = {<<"rs1">>, [{localhost, 27017}, {localhost, 27018}]},
    PoolSize = gen_mod:get_opt(poolsize, Opts, 2),
    Pool = resource_pool:new(mongo:rs_connect_factory(Replset), PoolSize),
  3. to get access to the pool, I insert the pool into an ets table

    try ets:new(mymodule_pool, [named_table, public]) of
            mymodule_pool -> ok
            _:_ -> alredy_existing
    ets:insert(mymodule_pool, {pool, Pool}),
  4. when my registered hook gets called by ejabberd, I fetch the pool and a connection from it

    Pool = element(2, lists:nth(1, ets:lookup(mod_log_chat_mongodb_pool, pool))),
    {ok, Conn} = resource_pool:get(Pool),
  5. then I try to insert the new doc. This is where it fails

    mongo:do(unsafe, master, Conn, Db, fun() ->
            mongo:insert(Coll, Doc)

This is the error I get:


And from erlang.log:

    =CRASH REPORT==== 25-Jan-2012::16:01:23 ===
        initial call: mymodule:init/1
        pid: <0.289.0>
        registered_name: mymodule_localhost
        exception exit: {badarg,[{ets,update_counter,
          in function  gen_server:terminate/6
        ancestors: [ejabberd_sup,<0.36.0>]
        messages: []
        links: [<0.210.0>]
        dictionary: []
        trap_exit: false
        status: running
        heap_size: 1597
        stack_size: 24
        reductions: 1182

I tried a lot of different things but I don't have a clue why this fails. In ets:update_counter manual is the reason for badarg errors described as follows:

  • the table is not of type set or ordered_set,
  • no object with the right key exists,
  • the object has the wrong arity,
  • the element to update is not an integer,
  • the element to update is also the key, or,
  • any of Pos, Incr, Threshold or SetValue is not an integer

The relevant code of mongodb_app is as follows:

    %@doc Create global vars which will be owned by this supervisor (and die with it)
    init ([]) ->
            ets:new (?MODULE, [named_table, public]),
            ets:insert (?MODULE, [
                    {oid_counter, 0}, 
                    {oid_machineprocid, oid_machineprocid()},
                    {requestid_counter, 0} ]), 
            {ok, {{one_for_one,3,10}, []}}.

    %% API functions

    -spec next_requestid () -> mongo_protocol:requestid(). % IO
    %@doc Fresh request id
    next_requestid() -> ets:update_counter (?MODULE, requestid_counter, 1). 

I hope someone can help me for this, I'm helpless :(

Thank you very much, Michael

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I took a quick look at mongodb_app and I suspect one of two things.

The first thing I suspect is that mongodb_app isn't actually running. Run this in debug or live mode and make sure mongodb_app is in the list. application:which_applications().

If it isn't then make sure that application:start(mongodb_app) is in your module startup. If that is in your module start function then it is probably time to check the return value of the application:start(mongodb_app).

The second thing I suspect is that there is a problem with the ets table. Investigate the status of the table with ets:info(mongdb_app). and ets:tab2list(mongdb_app).

mongdb_app:init() declares the table as a public table so there shouldn't be any owning process issues. I'm not sure what else to suggest other than debugging the state of the mongodb_app ets table and working your way back into your code from any clues you find there.

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Hi Shaun, thank you for your comment, I'll try checking the return value of application:start (yes I do start it, in my init-function of the gen_server). I'll reply as soon as I have tested it. –  Michael Weibel Jan 26 '12 at 7:28
I'd bet the badarg has to do with the mongodb_app table not existing. Either because the owning process is dead and gone or because it was never started in the first place. –  I GIVE CRAP ANSWERS Jan 26 '12 at 16:35
Hi shaun, well... thanks. It's a little embarassing. I copied the built files only with ebin/*.beam to the ejabberd ebin directory and didn't see that there's also a .app file which has to be copied. As a result, the application couldn't start because of the missing app file and the ets tables haven't been copied. –  Michael Weibel Jan 30 '12 at 6:44

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