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After integrating Rally with Subversion our User stories, Tasks and Defects in Rally are automatically updated after code is committed to the repository. However only the following fields are updated:

  • Changesets
  • State
  • Todo (for Tasks)

An important field that should also be updated is the "Fixed In" fields for Defects, which should contain the revision number of the fix. I contacted Rally Customer Support but the response was that expanding the update functionality of Rally artifacts is not currently being considered.

Any suggestions on addressing this?

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Actually it is trivial to change the Ruby script provided by Rally as a post-hook for Subversion. Even though this may change for a future version, for RallyConnectorForSvn-3.5 simply edit lib/scm_connector.rb and add the following line in the construct_artifact_fields method, inside the if state block:

if type == :defect  && state == 'Fixed'
    update_fields[:fixed_in_build] = @changeset_number

Hopefully this will be added to the next release of the connector.

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