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How is it possible to work with windows registry in Visual C++?

Thank you in advance!

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yes it is possible. – Felice Pollano Jan 25 '12 at 15:54
"this question will likely solicit opinion, debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion." In fact it got a number of near identical answers!! – David Heffernan Jan 26 '12 at 0:00
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Your first port of call to learn about registry programming is the MSDN section on the Registry.

Start with the About the Registry section to gain an overview. There are a small number of examples in the Using the Registry section. Beyond that the reference section of the documentation contains blow by blow details of all API functions relating to the registry.

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You can use the Windows API - you can find the reference to the registry functions on the MSDN website.

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This has info about open registry keys:

How to open the registry and get the specific value in c++

Basically you would use the RegKeyOpen() function, here are all of the Windows registry functions:

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Yes, for example:

If you're looking for something specific, please be specific.

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If you want to use the registry to store settings, I would advice you to use XML instead. boost has a library called PropertyTree

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