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<c:out value="${xxx}" escapeXml="false"/>
<c:out value="${yyy}" />

need to check the above two values coming from server side in <c:if > tag

is it possible to do in <c:if> tag?

expecting like this

<c:if test='<c:out value="${xxx}" escapeXml="false"/> eq <c:out value="${yyy}"/>'>

but it is not working !! can you tell me the right syntax

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Use <c:set> to set a variable in the scope. Its body can be a <c:out>.

<c:set var="escapedYyy"><c:out value="${yyy}" /></c:set>

Then you can test it like follows:

<c:if test="${xxx == escapedYyy}">
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Maybe something like that? Printing No name when person.name is null

<c:out value="${person.name}">No name</c:out>

you edited your question, answer is yes you can ;-)

<c:if test="${XXX == comparisonParameter}">

is your checkup

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escapexml attribute present only in c:out so need to use it inside <c:if > tag –  udhaya Jan 25 '12 at 16:20

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