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i want to make one application in which there is a table with columns

  • Dustbin no.
  • January
  • February ......
  • December

there are more than one dustbin_no

now in chart i want to display chart of dustbin_no selected by user in drop down box.

in chart code of how could i use more than one columns

in chart


y-axis:how many times dustbin is fulled

just for information in data of each mounth data given is number of times dustbin fulled


dustbin no january february ........

1 45 55 65

here is some code

    <asp:ChartArea BackColor="NavajoWhite" BackGradientStyle="LeftRight" 
        Name="ChartArea1" ShadowOffset="5">
        <AxisY Title="Dustbin_no">

        <AxisX Title="January" IsLabelAutoFit="True">
            <LabelStyle Angle="-90" Interval="1" />

pls help

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go through this article – rs. Jan 25 '12 at 16:39

I think chart doesn't support chart with more than one column. But there is a control collection by devexpress. It has some advance controls for

Link of Devexpress site

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