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I have a Hibernate validator that validates a field against a given list of strings. I will put code for better clarity.

    @Constraint(validatedBy = AllowedValuesValidator.class)
    public @interface AllowedValues {
      String[] value();

Previously we were using it as

  private String method;

Now we need to use it for a range of values, method can have multiple values. I tried both:

  @AllowedValues("Standard", "One-Day", "Two-Day", "Three-Day")
  private String method;     


  @AllowedValues("Standard, One-Day, Two-Day, Three-Day")
  private String method;

First one doesn't compile and second one takes whole string as allowed value(which is obvious).

Any ideas how to specify multiple values here?

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Since it's a String[], you need to use array initializer syntax for multiple values:

@AllowedValues({"Standard", "One-Day", "Two-Day", "Three-Day"}) 
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awesome works like a charm! should have thought of that! –  cheekoo Jan 25 '12 at 17:27

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