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I have problem with the Long data type when I run this command:

Long nanos = 3 * 1000000000
println nanos

It prints out -1294967296, not 3000000000, and I dont know why.
I read on this page that Long is enough. So what is wrong ?

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I don't know groovy, but I'm assuming that the behaviour is similar to java - That is, the 3 and the 1000000000 are actually of type int, and the calculation is performed in that type, before being stored in a long. – Clockwork-Muse Jan 25 '12 at 17:31
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You must mark your 2nd constant as long, otherwise it's considered an integer which overflows. Use:

Long nanos = 3 * 1000000000L
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You need to add a suffix to literals to imply that they are long values. Otherwise they are interpreted as int.

  Long nanos = 3 * 1000000000L;

More info about this here.

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The arithmetic is being done with ints and then being save into a Long. Try this instead:

Long nanos = 3L * 1000000000L
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You can easily check this with the groovy shell (groovysh):

groovy:000> 3.class                 
===> class java.lang.Integer

The literal 3 is a java.lang.Integer.

groovy:000> (3 * 1000000000).class
===> class java.lang.Integer

The product of a multiplication is also a java.lang.Integer

groovy:000> 3 * 1000000000        
===> -1294967296

Now it's easy to see that the Integer gets converted to Long after the overlow happened

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