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I have a url like this:


I want to replace this string with


I'm using javascript only. The rule is I want to always replace everything between the single slashes closest to the end of the string.

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Check the latest edit in response to your own edit. It should do what you need. –  Rohaq Jan 25 '12 at 17:44

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EDITED to match your question edit

Okay, since this is in the regex category, I'll give a regex answer:

var text = 'http://mywebsite.com/my-very-long-product-title/my_sku,default,pd.html';
var re = '/(http:\/\/.+\/)[^\/]+?(\/.+)/i';

Or are you talking about making anything going to http://mywebsite.com/-/my_sku,default,pd.html load the same data as http://mywebsite.com/my-very-long-product-title/my_sku,default,pd.html? - because that's a very different question indeed.

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If you always want to replace that exact same string, you can do this:

new_string = old_string.replace(/my-very-long-product-title/, '-');

If you want to replace whatever comes after mywebsite.com/, do something like:

new_string = old_string.replace(/(mywebsite.com\/)[^\/]+/, '$1-');

Or maybe, to make sure you don't replace stuff in a string like http://mywebsite.com/whatever/mywebsite.com/this-shouldnt-be-replaced/etc, do this:

new_string = old_string.replace(/^(http:\/\/mywebsite.com\/)[^\/]+/, '$1-');

Also, it's always good to accept http and https:

new_string = old_string.replace(/^(https?:\/\/mywebsite.com\/)[^\/]+/, '$1-');
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var oldUrl = "http://mywebsite.com/my-very-long-product-title/my_sku,default,pd.html";
var groups = /^(.*?com\/).*(\/.*)$/.exec(oldUrl);
var newUrl = groups[1] + "-" + groups[2];
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To replace everything from the second-to-last slash to the last slash with /-/, you can use

result = subject.replace(/\/[^\/]*\/(?=[^\/]*$)/g, "/-/");

More readable:

/           # Slash
[^/]*       # followed by any number of non-slash characters
/           # and another slash.
(?=[^/]*$)  # Make sure that there is no further slash until the end of the string
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Yet another answer - like Tim Pietzcker's without using a lookahead.

find:      /[^/]*(/[^/]*)$
replace:   /-$1
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