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I've a context processor wich transport some values to context.

Does anyone know why they are not rendered when they are called inside a {% blocktrans %} ?

<h1>{% trans "About" %} {{ site.domain }}</h1>
{% blocktrans %}
{{ site.domain }} is a web site providing information about...
{% endblocktrans %}

Why do {{ site.domain }} is fine rendered whithin the h1 tag but not inside the django blocktrans template tag ?

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Interpolated variables cannot be dotted expressions - you need something like this:

{% blocktrans with site.domain as site_domain %}{{ site_domain }} is a ...{% endblocktrans %}

See also:

django blocktrans and i18n in templates

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Ah ok thanks, more clear now –  Franck Jan 26 '12 at 8:11
Should I need to deactivate() previous language? because I used same above tag but still its not translating. –  Mohini Jun 18 at 7:09

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