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Backstory: I SSH into servers where I want to see a personalized root prompt. However, other people log onto these servers and don't necessarily want me changing the prompt.

Question: How can I make a zsh alias/function such that I can log in as a regular user, and typing [my su shortcut] will launch a su session, source .zshrc from my personal home directory, and leave me at a root prompt?

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alias mysu="su -c \"ZDOTDIR=$HOME zsh\""

See zsh(1) for details.

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That did what I want! I improved it by prepending ZDOTDIR with /usr/bin/env (that'll help portability if root's normal shell is, say, csh). I also replaced all instances of ~ in .zshrc with $ZDOTDIR, and added the following line to the top of .zshrc: if [ -z "$ZDOTDIR" ]; then ZDOTDIR=$HOME; fi. Those two changes point zsh to my personal collection of zsh scripts regardless of whether I'm root or my regular user. – spiffytech Jan 25 '12 at 19:14

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